The best early game gun in Escape from Tarkov

The best early game gun in Escape from Tarkov


Just certain extraction focuses are dynamic during a strike and they arbitrarily pivot each time you generate: Double tap 'O' to check which focuses are available Focuses marked with a '?' expect you to play out an extra activity prior to removing, for example, finding a key or paying a few roubles.

You have a lot of time to arrive at your objective, so don't surge straight towards an extraction point. Put some time in becoming more acquainted with a couple of the guide's focal points prior to jumping into a game, for example, some helpful courses as a primary concern for catching plunder EFT Roubles. Trailer Park and Crossroads are the standard extraction focuses on the off chance that you generate in the east of the guide, though Factory Far Corner and Admin Gate your objections in the event that you produced in the west. None of these focuses require extra activities to encourage your extraction, yet you may discover them busier thus.

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